Mission Statement for the Subcommittee for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response

Functioning as a taskforce and subcommittee to the Governmental Operations Committee, the need to have a responsive taskforce to address and protect constituents is paramount more than ever. The Taskforce is implemented to provide seminars and training on emergency preparedness and work hand in hand with the National Guard, the Red Cross, and of course the members at large of the Community Emergency Response Team (“CERT”).

Recent events have brought to light the gravity of the state of our climate, our environment and the drastic events that are causing catastrophic damage in and throughout New York State. The need for an Emergency Response and Disaster Task Force is imperative. One need only look outside to realize that there is something awry with our climate and weather patterns. The immediate need to inculcate and educate New Yorkers on how to react and prepare for disasters are no longer within the realm of fiction, it is a reality that must be addressed.