The Committee on Ethics and Guidance is a standing committee of the New York State Assembly composed of eight members, including the Chair. The Speaker and the Minority Leader each appoint four members. Notably, the Ethics and Guidance Committee is the only standing committee in the Assembly with an equal number of members from the Majority and Minority conferences.

The Ethics Committee is the impartial arbiter of alleged violations by Members of the:
  1. Assembly Policy Prohibiting Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation, and
  2. Assembly Policy Prohibiting Fraternization with Student Interns.
In order to avoid conflicts of interest or perceived conflicts of interest, the Committee on Ethics and Guidance does not review bills seeking to change, amend or create new laws introduced by Members of the Assembly. The review of proposed legislation is the core responsibility of the body's other 36 standing committees.

The Ethics Committee is authorized to receive, investigate, hear, make findings and recommend disciplinary action regarding complaints from employees, student interns or Members of the Assembly alleging a violation of the two above-mentioned policies against Members. Those complaints include discrimination, sexual and other forms of harassment and retaliation against employees, and any matters referred by the Speaker.

The Ethics Committee is committed to doing the following to fulfill this mission:
  • Carrying out its duties in a manner that achieves the highest possible ethical standards and instills confidence in the Committee's impartiality and its commitment to protect complainants from retaliation;

  • Ensuring that complaints are investigated impartially, thoroughly, confidentially and expeditiously by an independent outside counsel, as set forth in the Policy;

  • Making objective, impartial and confidential findings based on the facts and merits as determined by the investigation;

  • Recommending fair and appropriate disciplinary action to the Speaker of the Assembly when the Committee has determined that a violation of the Policy occurred;

  • Acting in accordance with applicable federal and state laws and the Rules of the Assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Members of the Assembly sit on the Ethics and Guidance Committee?
The Ethics and Guidance Committee members are: Jo Anne Simon, Chair, Joseph Giglio, Ranking Member, Joe Angelino, Marjorie Byrnes, Catalina Cruz, Brian Curran, Charles Lavine, and Kenneth Zebrowski. The Ethics Committee is the only committee in the New York State Assembly that has an equal number of members from the Majority and Minority conferences.
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Standing Committee on  Ethics and Guidance Chair  Jo Anne Simon Jo Anne Simon


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You can call the confidential complaint line at (518) 915-3933