Historic Level of Latinas Now Serving in the New York State Legislature

Assemblyman Marcos Crespo issues the following statement on the increasing number of Hispanic women elected to state level office

“It is fitting that today, on International Workers’ Day, the New York State Assembly is now the home to a historic level of Latinas serving in state-level elected office and who represent working class communities struggling to improve their lives and that of their children.

The seven Latinas now serving as elected representatives in the New York State Assembly comprise a dynamic group of women who are descendant of immigrant parents from throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

As of today, the Latinas serving in the NYS Assembly have parents with roots that span the Caribbean to the tip of South America. The perspectives they bring frame the history and future of our hemisphere and are important in all aspects of governing our diverse state.

Never in the 241 year-old history of New York has there been so many Latinas serving in our state legislature.

The seven Assemblywomen and one female Senator are an indication of the growing influence of Latinas and women overall in all levels of our society; from the board rooms to the halls of power. Latinas are now outpacing Latinos in college completion rates, graduate school enrollment rates, law school and medical school graduate rates. It is fitting their influence reaches the governance of our State and Republic.

On behalf of the members of the New York State Assembly Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force, I welcome our two newest members Assemblywomen Nathalia Fernandez (D-Bronx) and Aridia Espinal (D-Queens) who now join Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo (D-Bronx), Nicole Malliotakis (R-Richmond), Nily Rozic (D-Queens), Maritza Davila (D-Kings), Carmen De La Rosa (D-Manhattan) and Senator Marisol Alcantara (D-Manhattan/Bronx).