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  • Water Quality on Navigable Waterways

  • Funds to Reduce Tobacco Use

  • Environmental Justice Grants

  • Students Achieve Success Beyond Secondary School

  • Rural Transit Services

  • Boating Safety

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    Minority Health Community Partnerships

    New York State Department of Health

    The New York State Department of Health, Office of Minority Health, is soliciting applications from existing community coalitions or partnerships to develop and implement interventions and programs that focus on the elimination of health disparities. The intent of this funding is to enhance the capacity of existing community-based coalitions or partnerships to design and implement evidence-based interventions and programs to improve the health of racial and ethnic minorities by affecting individual behavior change and/or reaching broad segments of the target community. Successful programs will actively engage existing community resources to mobilize a true community response around the goal of eliminating health disparities and will promote linkages and service coordination that maximize the benefits and strengths of the coalition.
    ELIGIBILITY: Limited to not-for-profit organizations, such as health and human service coalitions or partnerships, serving racial and ethnic minority communities in New York State.
    FUNDING: Eight grants of $60,000 will be awarded.
    DEADLINE: December 16, 2002.
    FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Michael A. Acosta, Grants Administrator, Office of Minority Health, ESP, Corning Tower, Room 690, Albany, New York 12237-0092; phone (518) 474-2180.

    Funds to Protect and Improve Water Quality in Navigable Waterways

    Environmental Facilities Corporation/Department of Environmental Conservation

    The Clean Vessel Assistance Program (CVAP) was established to protect and improve water quality in New York’s navigable waterways. The CVAP provides federally funded grants of up to 75% of eligible project costs with a current maximum of $25,000 per project. The grants are to assist with the installation of pumpout and wash-down facilities to receive sewage from recreational marine vessels. The program is administered by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and financial assistance is managed by the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation.
    ELIGIBILITY: Private marinas, municipalities and not-for-profit organizations.
    FUNDING: 75% of eligible facility costs not to exceed $25,000 per project. Multiple projects may be applied for by a single entity.
    DEADLINE: Applications are continuously accepted.
    FOR MORE INFORMATION: Applications and program details can be obtained through EFC’s Web site or by contacting Lisa E. Van Alstyne at (800) 882-9721.

    On the Federal Level...

    Funds Available to Reduce Tobacco Use

    American Legacy Foundation

    The American Legacy Foundation, created as a result of the settlement of the multi-state lawsuit against tobacco companies, is a nonprofit organization that works to reduce tobacco use and its harmful effects. Legacy is currently funding unsolicited grants through its Small Innovative Grants Program, which is designed to support projects that advance innovative, evidence-based solutions to remedy the harm caused by tobacco use in America. Legacy intends the Small Innovative Grants Program to seed new projects, enable an organization to pilot a new idea or approach, or help an organization gain a different perspective or better understanding of tobacco control through research. Special consideration will be given to applications addressing: tobacco prevention, cessation and education for 18 to 24 year olds; secondhand smoke education and policy; and projects targeting rural settings.
    ELIGIBILITY: State or local political subdivisions, legal constituted tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations, Indian reservations, Indian tribes, or tribal organizations, as well as non-governmental entities that serve such reservations.
    FUNDING: Renewable grants for up to $100,000 for the first year of funding, with a cash match encouraged but not required. Grantees may apply for a second year of funding for up to 50% of the amount awarded in the first year, with a required 1:1 cash match for second-year funding.
    DEADLINE: Rolling.
    FOR MORE INFORMATION: For complete program guidelines and application procedures, see the Legacy Web site.

    Environmental Justice Small Grants

    Environmental Protection Agency

    The Office of Environmental Justice of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced the Small Grants Program. The purpose of this program is to provide financial assistance to eligible community groups that are working on or plan to carry out projects to address environmental justice issues. Environmental justice is defined as the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, culture, education or income with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies.
    ELIGIBILITY: Community-based, grassroots organizations, churches, and other non-profit organizations with a focus on community-based issues, and federally recognized tribal governments that are working on or plan to carry out projects to address environmental justice issues. Churches that qualify as non-profit organizations may use EPA grant funds only for environmental justice projects. EPA grant funds may not be used to advance religious points of view. Preference will be given to community-based/grassroots organizations that are working on local solutions to local environmental problems.
    FUNDING: $1,500,000 total funding is available in FY 2003; $1,000,000 of this amount is available for Superfund projects only.
    DEADLINE: Applications must be delivered by the close of business December 18, 2002 or postmarked by the Postal Service by midnight December 18, 2002 to Terry Wesley, Primary Contact, USEPA Region 2, 290 Broadway, 26th Floor, New York, New York 10007; phone (212) 637-3576; e-mail
    The Secondary Contact is Natalie Loney. She can be reached at (212) 637-3639 or via e-mail at
    FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Sheila Lewis, Senior Program Analyst, EPA Office of Environmental Justice at (202) 564-0152.

    Assistance Available to Help Students Achieve Success Beyond Secondary School

    Office of Postsecondary Education, Department of Education

    The Office of Postsecondary Education of the United States Department of Education has announced that it is accepting applications for new awards for FY 2003 for two programs – the Upward Bound Program and the Upward Bound Math and Science Program. The Upward Bound Program is designed to generate in students the skills and motivation necessary for success in education beyond secondary school. The Upward Bound Math and Science Program is designed to prepare high school students for postsecondary education programs that lead to careers in the fields of math and science.
    ELIGIBILITY: Institutions of higher education, public and private agencies and organizations, including community and faith-based organizations, and, in exceptional cases, secondary schools if there are no other applicants capable of providing an Upward Bound project in the proposed target area.
    FUNDING: Total funding of $264,841,000 is available for the Upward Bound Program and total funding of $31,772,000 is available for the Upward Bound Math and Science Program.
    DEADLINE: November 22, 2002 for the Upward Bound Math and Science Program and December 13, 2002 for the Upward Bound Program.
    FOR MORE INFORMATION:For the Upward Board Program, contact Sheryl Wilson or Gaby Watts, Federal TRIO Programs, U.S. Department of Education, 1990 K Street, NW., Suite 7000, Washington, DC 20006-8510. By phone: (202) 502-7600. Via the Internet:, or, or For the Upward Bound Math and Science Program, contact Geraldine Smith, Federal TRIO Programs, U.S. Department of Education, 1990 K Street, NW., Suite 7000, Washington, DC 20006-8510. By phone (202) 502-7600. Via the Internet:,

    Funds for Coordinating Transportation Services in Rural Areas

    Federal Transit Administration, Department of Transportation

    The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) of the United States Department of Transportation has issued a request for grant proposals from community groups and public and private transportation providers currently establishing, operating, coordinating, or brokering a rural transit service for an operational test, which is funded at $1,000,000 to demonstrate and evaluate innovative approaches to integrating Advanced Public Transportation System (APTS) technologies and available Information Technology (IT) systems. The purpose of the test is to better coordinate subsidized transportation services in rural areas among multiple transit operators. The cooperative project will require coordination among various funding agencies, such as the FTA , Department of Health and Human Resources, Department of Interior, Department of Agriculture, and Department of Labor. The integration and use of APTS technologies and IT systems will enable rural transit providers to coordinate their services better and operate their transit and/or paratransit system(s) more efficiently, thus improving subsidized rural transportation services. FTA may award multiple grants for this project.
    ELIGIBILITY: Public transit agencies, state DOTs, health and human service agencies, federally recognized Indian Tribes, and metropolitan planning organizations. FTA also welcomes proposals from Community Access Program grantees.
    FUNDING: $1,000,000.
    DEADLINE: A rolling application process will be used for this solicitation, which will remain open until all funds for this project are obligated.
    FOR MORE INFORMATION: Request for grant proposals may be viewed at:
    Technical questions or concerns may be directed to Mr. Ronald Boenau or Mr. William Wiggins via phone at (202) 366-4995 or via e-mail at
    Legal questions and concerns may be directed to Mr. James LaRusch via phone at (202) 366-1936 or via e-mail at

    Funds to Promote Boating Safety Available

    Coast Guard

    The Coast Guard seeks applications for grants and cooperative agreements from national, non-governmental, non-profit, public service organizations. These grants and cooperative agreements would be used to fund projects on various subjects promoting boating safety on the national level. The Coast Guard welcomes any initiatives that supports the organizational objectives of the Recreational Boating Safety Program to save lives, reduce the number of boating accidents, injuries and property damage, and lower associated health care costs.
    FUNDING: $2,950,000.
    ELIGIBILITY: National non-profit prganizations.
    DEADLINE: January 15, 2003.
    FOR MORE INFORMATION: Ms. Vickie Hartberger, Office of Boating Safety, U.S. Coast Guard (G-OPB-1/Room 3100), 2100 Second Street, SW., Washington, DC 20593-0001, or call (202) 267-0974.



    In the August 2002 issue of the Grants Action News, information was included (bottom of Page 3) on the Local Flexibility Demonstration Program. The United States Department of Education has announced the extension of the deadline for this program from September 17, 2002 to December 6, 2002. For more information, contact Ms. Milagros Lanauze at (202) 401-0039 or via the Internet at


    It was erroneously reported in the September issue that Rural New York grants are available from the Preservation League of New York State. These grants are not available; however, the League does run the Preserve New York Grant Program. Information will be forthcoming on this program in a future newsletter.

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