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Manufacturing Assistance for Peak Shaving (MAPS) Program

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) announces the availability of funding for projects that identify peak shaving opportunities in the New York State industrial sector through the adoption of manufacturing technologies that reduce peak electricity demand and operating costs. The proposed work must show quantifiable energy benefits and should emphasize near-term application and replicability opportunities at other New York State industrial sites, rather than basic or fundamental research. NYSERDA encourages projects that also yield environmental or economic benefits, such as reducing industrial waste or job retention.
FUNDING: $1,000,000 in total funding is available.
DEADLINE: Round 1 - April 28, 2004 at 3:00 p.m. and Round 2 - September 23, 2004 at 3 p.m.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Program questions should be directed to Bill Reinhardt at (518) 862-1090, ext. 3257. Contractual questions should be directed to Diane Vogel at (518) 862-1090, ext. 3299. The full solicitation package must be obtained at the NYSERDA Web site, or by contacting Karen Whalen by fax at (518) 862-1091, by e-mail, or by mail at PON No. 798, NYSERDA, 17 Columbia Circle, Albany, New York 12203-6399.

Distributor Financial Incentives Premium-Efficiency Motors

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Through the New York Energy $mart Premium-Efficiency Motors program, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has announced the availability of financial incentives to motor vendors for the sale of qualified premium-efficiency motors.
ELIGIBILITY: Wholesale distributors, vendors, and dealers of electric motors, and original equipment manufacturers of equipment using qualified premium efficiency motors in the New York Energy $mart program territory.
FUNDING: Incentive payments of up to $80 per motor.
DEADLINE:  Applications accepted through December 31, 2005.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit the NYSERDA Web site. Questions should be directed to Laurie Kokkinides at (518) 862-1090, ext. 3353.

Medicaid Pharmacy Management Services

New York State Department of Health

The New York State Department of Health (DOH) is issuing an RFP to obtain the services of a pharmacy management contractor for a three-year term. The contractor will develop, administer and maintain a comprehensive program to control pharmacy costs and improve services for beneficiaries of the New York State Medicaid program.
DEADLINE:  Bids are due March 29, 2004.

...Organizations and Foundations

Community Improvement and Development Grants

Entergy Charitable Foundation

The Entergy Charitable Foundation (ECF) is a private foundation dedicated to supporting charitable organizations in the communities Entergy serves, including New York. The foundationís goal is to support initiatives that help create and sustain thriving communities. ECF has a special focus on low-income initiatives as well as educational and literacy programs.
ELIGIBILITY: Grants from the foundation will only be made to the following types of organizations: nonprofit organizations that are tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or schools, hospitals, governmental units, and religious institutions that hold nonprofit status similar to that of 501(c)(3) organizations and may therefore be eligible.
FUNDING:  In 2003, the foundation provided $3.9 million in grants.
DEADLINE:  May 1, 2004 and August 1, 2004.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please call (877) 285-2006 or visit the Entergy Web site.

Quality of Life Grants

Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation

The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation is committed to funding research that develops treatments and cures for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury and other central nervous system disorders. The foundation also works to improve the quality of life for people living with disabilities through its grants program, paralysis resource center, and advocacy efforts. Two types of grants are offered, one that supports nonprofit organizations that address the needs of persons living with spinal cord injuries, their families, and caregivers, and one that offers health promotion awards to nonprofit organizations that address paralysis caused by spinal cord injuries and various other injuries, diseases, and birth defects.
ELIGIBILITY: Nonprofit organizations that have received tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code and are not private foundations.
FUNDING: The foundation has provided close to $3.5 million since 1999, with grants awarded in amounts up to $25,000.
DEADLINE:  April 1, 2004.
FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Visit the foundationís Web site.

Reading Grants

Pathways Within

The Pathways Within Literacy Program supports libraries in rural communities and organizations that conduct family literacy programs with books and other education supplies. The program primarily seeks to help prepare young children to learn to read and to motivate older children to read regularly.
ELIGIBILITY: Libraries in rural communities and the organizations described above. For complete eligibility criteria, contact Pathways Within.
FUNDING: Contact Pathways Within.
DEADLINE:  March 31, 2004.
FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Contact Pathways Within: PO Box 1354, Brookline, Massachusetts 02446; call (617) 482-0324; e-mail their Web site.

Theater, Dance, Playwright and Film Programs

Princess Grace Foundation

The Princess Grace Awards are dedicated to identifying and assisting emerging young artists in theater, dance and film to realize their career goals through scholarships, apprenticeships, and fellowships.
Applications for 2004 are now available in the categories of theater, playwriting, and dance. Film applications will be available shortly.
ELIGIBILITY: The criteria vary for each category. Visit the Foundationís Web site for the guidelines.
FUNDING: Varies. Since the first grants were presented in 1984, the Foundation has awarded over $3 million to more than 350 young artists at more than 100 institutions nationwide.
DEADLINE:  Applications must be postmarked by March 31, 2004 for the theater and playwriting awards. The annual postmark deadline for the dance awards is April 30, while the film awards have an annual postmark deadline of June 2.
FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Visit the Foundation's Web site.

Teaching Tolerance Grant Program

Southern Poverty Law Center

The Teaching Tolerance project of the Southern Poverty Law Center offers grants to K-12 classroom teachers for implementing tolerance and youth activism projects in their schools and communities. Grants tend to be small-scale, resourceful and student-focused, promoting acceptance of diversity, peacemaking, community service or any other aspect of tolerance education. In addition, projects funded by Teaching Tolerance tend to be sustainable in some way, rather than one-time-only events or activities.
ELIGIBILITY: K-12 classroom teachers. Proposals from other educators such as community organizations and churches will be considered on the basis of direct student impact.
FUNDING: Grants are in the amount of up to $2,000.
DEADLINE:  Ongoing.
FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Visit their Web site.

...Grant Writing

Grant Writing and Research Workshop

The College of Saint Rose

The College of Saint Rose will be presenting a grant writing and research workshop on March 9, 2004. Topics covered in the workshop include the fundamentals of grant research and writing, the challenges of grant seeking, how to obtain funding in a competitive climate and tips on local funders and resource materials located in the Capital Region. The workshop's instructor has over 25 years of nonprofit experience.

The cost of the workshop is $250 per person and includes the workshop, all materials, a reference guide to keep and lunch. If you would like to register, please call (518) 454-5143 or e-mail The registration deadline is March 2, 2004.

Grantsmanship Training Program

The Grantsmanship Center

The Grantsmanship Training Program is coming to New York: Albany, March 1-5, hosted by the New York State Department of Education and the Magellan Foundation; Buffalo, March 8-12, hosted by the American Red Cross, Greater Buffalo Chapter; and Brooklyn, April 5-9, hosted by Roots Revisited.

The classes will be conducted by The Grantsmanship Center (TGCI) and is kept at a maximum of 30 participants. The cost is $825, which includes one-year enrollment in the TGCI Membership Program. A limited number of half-tuition scholarships are available to agencies with annual budgets of less than $300,000.

To register, or to apply for a scholarship, contract TGCI at (800) 421-9512 or visit the TGCI Web site. For local information and arrangements, Albany, call Shanna Maher at (518) 782-7764; Buffalo, call Loren Smith at (716) 878-2374; Brooklyn, call Michael Hooper at (718) 778-0009.

Guerilla Grantsmanship

Council on Opportunities for Professional Excellence

The Council on Opportunities for Professional Excellence (COPE) is holding a Grant Writing seminar -- Guerilla Grantsmanship -- in Kingston, New York on March 24, 2004.

Participants will learn the latest on proposal writing and grants management and learn how to write hard hitting proposals that work and then learn how to work the proposals they write.

Since 1998, COPE has trained over 3,700 nonprofit and corporate organizations in the artful science on grant writing and funding development.

COPE offers three different registration packages. For more information on packages and the seminar, please call COPE at (845) 756-2673 or (914) 466-0797 or e-mail them. You can also register online at the COPE Web site.

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