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Comprehensive Prenatal Perinatal Services Networks; Community Health Worker Program; and Community Health Worker Training

New York State Department of Health

The New York State Department of Health (DOH) has announced three categories of funding, each with its own specific eligibility requirements -- Comprehensive Prenatal Perinatal Services Networks (CPPSN), Community Health Worker Program (CHWP), and Community Health Worker Training (CHWT). Contact DOH directly for specific details.
FUNDING:   Approximately $3 million for CPPSN to fund ten to fifteen grants; approximately $4.5 million for the CHWP to fund grants in the range of $100,000 to $275,000, with $200,000 set aside for services to Native Americans; and $80,000 to fund one CHWT project.
ELIGIBILITY:  Incorporated public or private, not-for-profit community-based organizations, local health departments, hospitals, health centers, and Native American reservations.
DEADLINE:  Applications will be accepted through May 24, 2005.
FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Visit or contact Rudy Lewis at New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Women's Health, Room 1805, Corning Tower, Albany, New York 12237; phone (518) 474-1911; e-mail

Water Quality Improvement Projects

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has announced the availability of funds for water quality improvement projects addressing municipal wastewater treatment improvement, non-agricultural nonpoint source abatement and control, aquatic habitat restoration, agricultural nonpoint source abatement and control, and Phase II Stormwater Permit Implementation.
ELIGIBILITY:  Municipalities and Soil and Water Conservation Districts.
FUNDING:   Approximately $6,700,000 will be available for municipal wastewater treatment plant improvement, nonpoint source abatement and control, and aquatic habitat restoration projects consistent with the Peconic Estuary Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan and the South Shore Estuary Reserve Comprehensive Management Plan; approximately $2.5 million will be available for municipal wastewater treatment plant improvement, nonpoint source abatement and control, and aquatic habitat restoration projects consistent with the Long Island Sound Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan; approximately $10.8 million has been appropriated for agricultural and non-agricultural nonpoint source abatement and control projects; a portion of the above-mentioned $10.8 million will be available for assistance to regulated Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems in implementing Stormwater Phase II General Permit requirements; and applications will be accepted for projects that will help restore the water quality of the Hudson River as outlined in the Hudson River Estuary Action Plan and with the goal of making the Hudson River suitable for swimming from its source in the Adirondacks to New York City by 2009.
DEADLINE:  Applications must be postmarked no later than April 29, 2005. No hand-delivered, facsimile, or electronic applications will be accepted.
FOR MORE INFORMATION:  For information and an application, please contact Water Quality Improvement Projects, Department of Environmental Conservation, Division of Water, 625 Broadway, 4th Floor, Albany, New York 12233; phone (518) 402-8250; or on the Web at

Clean Vessel Assistance Program and Clean Vessel Act Information & Education Program

New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC)

The EFC has announced funding under the Clean Vessel Assistance Program (CVAP) and the Clean Vessel Act Information & Education Program (CVAI&E). These programs provide grants to help marina operators protect and promote water quality in New York’s navigable waterways. The CVAP offers reimbursement grants for private or public entities to construct and restore pumpout facilities for septic waste disposal by recreational marine vessels. The CVAI&E provides reimbursement grants for municipalities and not-for-profit organizations to promote the benefits, use and availability of pumpouts.
ELIGIBILITY:  Public and private marinas are eligible for the CVAP; facilities funded by a grant must be made available to the public at a fee of no more than $5. All levels of municipal government and not-for-profit organizations are eligible for the CVAI&E.
FUNDING:    For the CVAP, funding is available for up to 75% of the eligible project costs with a maximum of $5,000 per project. For the CVAI&E, the maximum award per project is $35,000, with grants requiring a 25% match of non-federal dollars.
DEADLINE:  April 29, 2005.
FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Visit or call (800) 882-9721.

. . . Foundations and Organizations

Samuel Harris Fund for Children's Dental Health Dentistry Grant Program

The American Dental Association (ADA) Foundation

The ADA Foundation has established a permanent endowment fund that is dedicated to preventing dental caries and other oral diseases of children. Under this program, competitive grants are awarded to applicants whose oral health promotion programs are designed to improve children’s oral health through community education programs. This oral health promotion grant program aspires to be a catalyst for increasing voluntary efforts by the dental health community.
ELIGIBILITY:  Community-based, not-for-profit, oral health promotion programs. Oral health promotion programs include: dental health education conducted at schools, health fairs, social agencies, mobile dental clinics or outreach programs; dental health education programs in conjunction with fluoride programs, dental sealant programs, and/or other preventions; oral health and nutrition education materials prepared for children, their parents and/or dental professionals; instruction in the proper use of oral care products; and development of public service announcements to create awareness and appreciation of proper oral care for children.
FUNDING:   Grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded.
DEADLINE:   Proposals must be postmarked no later than July 8, 2005, and proposal applicants will be notified of the Foundation’s action regarding the request by December 31, 2005. Proposals received via fax will not be considered.
FOR MORE INFORMATION:  If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Ms. Lisa F. Barron, the ADA Foundation’s Director of Programs, at (312) 440-4639 or by e-mail at Completed applications should be sent to Ms. Barron at ADA Foundation-Harris Fund, 211 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611-2616.

Innovative Animal Welfare Programs


PETsMART Charities seeks to improve the quality of life for all companion animals through programs that save the lives of homeless pets and promote healthy relationships between people and their pets. As part of its mission, PETsMART funds programs to further individual animal welfare organizations’ missions. Grants are awarded for activities that reduce the homeless population of animals through methods other than euthanasia, including adoption programs; post-adoption follow-up programs to improve retention rates for newly-adopted animals; spay/neuter programs; training or behavior modification programs; identification programs; and pet parent education programs that improve the quality of life for pets in homes and prevent the relinquishment of pets from their homes.
ELIGIBILITY:  Contact PETsMART for eligibility details.
FUNDING:   Since 1994, PETsMART has donated more than $24 million to humane and rescue groups across North America.
FOR MORE INFORMATION:  For complete grant guidelines and application forms, visit

Jordan Fundamentals Program

The Jordan Brand

The Jordan Fundamentals Grant Program recognizes outstanding teaching and instructional creativity in public secondary schools that serve economically disadvantaged students. The program is presented by the Jordan Brand, a division of Nike, Inc. and administered by Scholarship America. Applicants must develop an original lesson plan or thematic unit that demonstrates high expectations for students. Grants must be used for resource materials, supplies, equipment, transportation, or costs related to field trips, software, and other items required to implement and assess the proposed lesson or thematic unit.
ELIGIBILITY:  Applicants must be public school teachers or paraprofessionals working with students in grades one through twelve and be employed by an accredited public school where at least 50 percent of the school’s student population is eligible for the free or reduced school lunch program.
FUNDING:   Up to 400 grants of $2,500 will be awarded each year. Two hundred grants will be awarded in grades one through six, and 200 grants will be awarded in grades seven through twelve.
DEADLINE:  June 15, 2005.

Unsung Heroes


Presented by financial services company ING and managed by Scholarship America, the Unsung Heroes awards program recognizes kindergarten through 12th grade educators for their innovative teaching methods, creative educational projects, and ability to make a positive influence on the children they teach. All awards must be used to further the projects with the recipient’s school or school system.
ELIGIBILITY:  All K-12 education professionals are eligible for the program. These individuals must be employed by an accredited K-12 public or private school, and must be full-time educators, teachers, principals, paraprofessionals, or classified staff with projects that improve student learning.
FUNDING:   Each of the one hundred finalists will receive an award of $2,000. Of the one hundred finalists, three will be selected for additional financial awards of $5,000, $10,000 and $25,000.
DEADLINE:  April 30, 2005.
FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Visit to download an application form and for additional information.

. . . Grant Writing

Grantseeking on the Web

The Foundation Center

Grantseeking on the Web will teach attendees how to develop an organized approach to conducting funding research on the Web. The class, which costs $195, will be held April 29, 2005 at the Foundation Center’s New York City office. For more information, visit, or call (800) 424-9836.

Grantsmanship Training Program

Grantsmanship Center

The Grantsmanship Training Program is coming to New York: Binghamton, April 4-8, 2005, hosted by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County; and Syracuse, June 13-17, 2005 hosted by P.E.A.C.E., Inc.

The classes will be conducted by The Grantsmanship Center are are kept at a maximum of 30 participants. The cost is $825, which includes one-year enrollment in the TGCI Membership Program. A limited number of half-tuition scholarships are available to agencies with annual budgets of less than $300,000. To register, or to apply for a scholarship, contact TGCI at (800) 421-9512 or visit For local information and arrangements, call Jinny Tauss (Binghamton) at (607) 772-8955, ext. 113, and Len Colella (Syracuse) at (315) 470-3300.

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