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Assistant Professor
Dr. Wesley D. Nishiyama

Dr. Wesley D. Nishiyama

Dr. Wesley D. Nishiyama

Wesley D. Nishiyama received his Ph.D. in Political Science, with an emphasis in Political Theory, from the University at Albany. His dissertation, The Structure of Narratives in Political Theories, investigates how different types of narrative genres are employed by various political theorists to persuade and convey their ideas to particular audiences. In addition, he published Voting Rights for the Homeless, which argues that a single member district representation in the United States at the federal level leads to the disenfranchisement of many of the homeless, and regularly presents his work at conferences on topics showcasing his many interests, including but not limited to, Plato, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Social Choice Theory, and the Electoral College. Dr. Nishiyama has also studied econometrics and served as a researcher for the Center for Women in Government and Civil Society. He taught courses in Political Theory and American Politics at the University at Albany. In addition, he taught International Human Rights and State Government at Russell Sage College.

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