Gunther Legislation Creates Task Force to Reduce Future Floods

Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther (D-Forestburgh) announced the Assembly passed legislation she sponsored that creates a task force to examine flooding reservoirs and ways to prevent future problems (A.8835).

"The flooding this April was the worst we’ve seen locally in 50 years – damages to homes, property and businesses in Ulster and Orange counties were over $80 million," Gunther said. "By setting up a task force to study and better understand why flooding occurs we may be able to prevent this tragedy from happening again."

Gunther said the task force will look at reservoir overflow, precipitation patterns, topography, as well as make recommendations to prevent future floods.

Assemblywoman Gunther noted that she toured the flood sites and saw firsthand the far-reaching destruction of April’s storms. The flood drove more than 1,300 residents from their homes in four counties, and an Ulster County woman was killed by the raging waters. In the town of Deerpark alone, at least 45 houses will likely face demolition due to flood–related damages.

"Floods can wreck havoc on a community – disrupting lives and destroying property," Gunther said. "Creating this task force to take a serious look at this issue will help ensure we prevent and minimize future flooding in our communities."