Gunther Announces Comprehensive Plan to Target Sexual Predators

“Under the Assembly’s tough new plan, sexual predators will no longer be able to terrorize our communities. The Assembly’s proposal includes civil confinement legislation, mandatory life sentences for heinous crimes and a stronger Megan’s Law. The plan also features a bill I introduced to enable law enforcement to better track the registration of sex offenders (A.7707). My legislation would alert the police if a sex offender fails to verify his or her address prompting an officer to visit the residence and confirm the offender’s whereabouts.”

“Our constituents rely on us to do all that we can to prevent these horrific crimes. Eighteen other states have civil commitment legislation in place – now is the time for New York to institute a tough policy against sexual predators as well. I urge the Senate and the governor to join us in adopting this plan at the start of Session in January.”