Gunther Legislation Will Change Medical Insurance Coverage of Well-Visits

Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther (D,C – Forestburgh) announced Assembly passage of legislation she sponsored that would require health insurance policies covering annual physicals and well-care visits to provide this coverage once per calendar year (A397-A).

Most health care insurers in New York State allow one well-care visit or physical per year. To the insurance company that means one such visit every 365 day period.

“While on the surface this seems fair,” said Assemblywoman Gunther, “it actually presents an unfair deterrent to care.” For example, if an individual has a physical on August 27th, that individual must wait until at least that date next year for their next covered physical or wellness visit.

“If a student needs a school-required physical before the 365 day period has expired, that student may not be able to participate in certain school activities or functions,” said Assemblywoman Gunther. This legislation makes a simple change to one visit per calendar year instead of a 365 day period.”