Gunther: Delaware Valley Job Corps Vital to Community

Effective immediately, the US Department of Labor has lifted the suspension of enrollment at the Delaware Valley Job Corps. This comes on the heels of a community campaign to maintain the program, assisted by Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther.

Gunther, after hearing about the enrollment suspension, contacted Seth Harris, Acting Secretary of the US Department of Labor, to voice her concerns about the impact the plan would have not only on the students who attend, but on the community.

“Nearly 20,000 students have attended the Delaware Valley Job Corps,” Gunther wrote in a letter earlier this month. “While there, they have contributed in countless ways to our community – helping with beautification project, planting community gardens, and assisting in fundraising events to support local non-profits and civic organizations.”

“This was a collaborative effort,” said Assemblywoman Gunther today. “From Senator Gillibrand, to the members of the community and me, this shows the power of collaboration. Working together, we were able to do great things for our community, and I am proud to have been a part of that.”