Goodell Discusses Affordable Healthcare and Effort to Reduce State Mandates During Town Hall Meeting

Assemblyman joins residents to discuss a wide range of topics during Findley Lake Town Hall Meeting

Assemblyman Andy Goodell (R,C–Chautauqua) recently joined Mina Town Supervisor Rebecca Brumagin, County Legislator David Himelein, and members of the public to discuss a wide range of issues from affordable healthcare insurance for small-business employees, to his ongoing efforts to reform New York’s bloated welfare system.

During the meeting, residents from across Chautauqua County expressed support for Goodell’s efforts to save taxpayer money, especially his efforts to require more welfare recipients to work in return for their benefits.

“Town hall meetings represent the heart and soul of a democratic nation-- people gathering together to discuss the issues facing their community,” said Goodell. “Chautauqua County is filled with a wide array of view points, and I believe we are best served when everyone is able to express their thoughts. Those who attended the meeting provided important insights as we work to lower taxes and grow jobs in Chautauqua County. I want to thank those who attended for sharing their personal insights on these various topics.”

One major topic discussed during the meeting was the bi-partisan efforts of Assemblyman Goodell and Senator Young to allow small businesses to purchase more affordable health insurance.

Senator Young and Assemblyman Goodell are co-sponsoring a bill drafted by Assemblyman Robin Schimminger on legislation that would reduce the mandates on insurance policies offered by small businesses.

“New York currently places 58 separate mandates on insurance policies offered by small businesses to employees,” said Goodell. “As a result, it has become too costly for many small-business owners to provide health insurance to their employees. This hurts workers who are left without coverage. My goal is to decrease the cost of this insurance so that more small businesses can afford to provide coverage for their employees.”

Other topics for the evening included Assemblyman Goodell’s efforts to reduce mandates on local and county governments. This includes his effort to limit the growth of the local share of Medicaid expenses, an initiative that was included in Governor Cuomo’s budget proposal this year. Also discussed was his recently-introduced legislation that would require random drug testing for recipients of welfare benefits.

“The people who attended the meeting were really great. I left the meeting with a renewed commitment to continue the fight on behalf of Chautauqua County residents,” concluded Goodell.

Those who missed the meeting but would still like to share their thoughts with Assemblyman Goodell should email him at, or contact his district office at 716-664-7773. The next town hall meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, on the 2nd floor of Jamestown City Hall, 200 East Second Street, Jamestown, NY 14701.