Goodell Eager To Share Jamestown With Fireball Run Contestants

Assemblyman encourages residents to share local community with competitors

Assemblyman Andy Goodell (R,C–Chautauqua) today joined local officials to announce the arrival of the Fireball Run this fall. The Fireball Run, which raises awareness for missing and abducted children, is an action packed, eight day, 2,500-mile adventure. Jamestown will be the second stop this year with teams arriving on Sunday, Sept. 23.

“I would like to thank Fireball Run Executive Producer Mr. Sanchez and the competitors who selected Jamestown to be part of the exciting event,” said Goodell. “Chautauqua County has a number of culture institutions, from the Robert H. Jackson Center to the Roger Tory Peterson Institute and the Lucy-Desi Museum, which I am eager to share with our competitors and the audience. Having the event streamed live on the web provides Jamestown with a unique opportunity to promote our community.”

The Fireball Run is part of the Race to Recover America's Missing Children, which is the country's largest and longest "active recovery effort" for missing and exploited children. Those wishing to follow the Fireball Run online can visit their Web site.