Goodell Very Successful In Number Of Bills Adopted

According to a recent independent report from the nonpartisan New York State Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG), Assemblyman Andy Goodell was far above average for the number of bills approved by both houses of the state Legislature.

The success rate for Assemblyman Goodell was more than 150% higher than the average Assembly member.

Assemblyman Goodell was more successful than many Majority members of the Assembly - more than three times higher than the average Majority freshman and about 130% higher than the average for all Majority members in the Assembly. Only one freshman Assembly member was more successful than Assemblyman Goodell in the number of bills adopted by both the Senate and the Assembly.

Assemblyman Goodell was quick to credit his success to the close partnership he has with Senator Cathy Young. “Senator Young and I talk daily when the Legislature is in session,” noted Goodell. “We closely coordinate our efforts to ensure that bills that are important to Chautauqua County are considered by both the Senate and the Assembly.”

Senator Young was very complimentary to Assemblyman Goodell. “I cannot imagine a better team player than Assemblyman Goodell, which is reflected in our great success rate,” said Senator Young. “Assemblyman Goodell has a well-deserved reputation for working extremely hard for Chautauqua County residents.”

The number of bills adopted by both houses of the Legislature is only one measure of success. In addition to these specific bills, Senator Young and Assemblyman Goodell were successful in obtaining an additional $100,000 in funding for Chautauqua Lake, which is double the amount of funding provided in the past.

Assemblyman Goodell and Senator Young also were successful in amending the state budget to correct a funding error that would have otherwise cost the Westfield School District thousands of dollars in lost state aid.

Perhaps the most important accomplishment was the inclusion in the state budget of a reduction in Medicaid growth for counties across New York state. This change, which was proposed in legislation sponsored last year by Assemblyman Goodell, was included in Governor Cuomo’s budget this year. This change alone will save Chautauqua County residents over $250,000 annually.

“More work needs to be done next year,” noted Goodell. “Although I strongly supported the Regional High School legislation that was passed unanimously by the Assembly Education Committee, the Majority leadership blocked it from being considered on the floor of the Assembly.”

“Senator Young and I already are developing our strategy to ensure that this important legislation receives the vote it deserves,” said Goodell. “I am confident that this idea, which is long overdue, will come to fruition next year.”

The State Legislature, during the last two years, has seen a dramatic progress. Unlike the prior two years, when New York City controlled both houses of the Legislature, after Assemblyman Goodell joined the Assembly the Legislature adopted two on-time budgets without any tax increases, cut middle-class taxes, enacted ethics reform, capped property taxes, restored the EPIC program for senior citizens and helped make New York State more business friendly.

“As long as I am in the state Assembly, I will continue to work hard to put Chautauqua County residents first,” concluded Assemblyman Goodell. “I am proud of our record of success during the last two years.”