Goodell Discusses Agriculture With Local Farmers

Assemblyman joins local farmers and 4-H members for coffee at the fair

Assemblyman Andy Goodell recently met with over 30 local farmers and members of the 4-H program at the Chautauqua County Fair to discuss agricultural issues and the 4-H Youth Development Program.

Assemblyman Goodell is very supportive of the 4-H program, especially the animal science program where young people can purchase a newborn animal, raise the animal, and sell it at the county fair.

“This is a great program for teaching personal responsibility, financial management, and hard work,” noted Assemblyman Goodell. “The young people must get up every morning to clean and feed their animal; they are responsible for preparing and following a budget, and they take full responsibility for the results. These important life skills lay the foundation for a successful adult.”

The 4-H Youth Development Program, which is operated in conjunction with the Cornell Cooperative Extension Program, helps youth to become confident, mature adults ready to succeed in today’s challenging world. In fact, studies show that youth participating in 4-H do better in school, are more motivated to help others, feel safe to try new things, and develop lasting friendships.

The fundamental 4-H ideal of practical, learn-by-doing experiences encourages youth to experiment, innovate, and think independently. Youth learn leadership, citizenship, and life skills by participating in more than 1,000 projects with topics as varied as rocketry, GPS mapping, DNA analysis, public speaking, photography, nutrition, and community service.

Assemblyman Goodell, in partnership with Senator Cathy Young, has been very supportive of local agriculture. This year’s state budget included over $21 million in aid directed toward agricultural programs, including almost $4 million for 4-H programs statewide.

“Agriculture is an integral part of Chautauqua County’s economy, accounting for over $262 million in economic activity in the county,” said Assemblyman Goodell. “I want to thank the members of the agriculture community who turned out and shared their thoughts. The 4-H program puts on a spectacular slate of events during fair week and their efforts to promote agriculture to younger generations are tremendous.”