Assemblyman Ari Brown Pens Letter To The Commissioner Of Education Opposing Changes To Religious And Private Schools

Assemblyman Ari Brown has drafted and delivered a letter to Betty Rosa, Commissioner of the State Education Department, highlighting his concerns about a proposed rule change that would give the State Education Department the authority to control the curriculum of religious and private schools.

“The proposed changes outlined in the New York State Education Department’s pending rule, although well intended, are poorly conceptualized and contradictory to the mission of the New York State Education Department, which is to provide quality and fair education to all New York students,” Brown wrote. “By creating a direct oversight of the curriculum of private/religious schools, the State Education Department will have an unprecedented and controlling ‘final say’ as to the education of their students.”

Brown is confident that his letter, as well as letters from many colleagues and educators across the state, will motivate the State Education Department to choose against implementing proposed rule No. EDDU-13-22-00025-P. The decision will be made by the department's Board of Trustees in the Fall of 2022.