Brown Continues to Press NYC DOT for Answers on Rockaway Turnpike. Construction Issues

In response to extraordinary traffic congestion and reports that Rockaway Turnpike is down to one lane of traffic, Assemblyman Ari Brown (R-Cedarhurst) is continuing to hold the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) and state officials accountable for the dangerous and cumbersome traffic conditions experienced by Nassau County residents. Traffic issues stem in part from construction of a new Amazon Warehouse and Chick-fil-A Restaurant.

On August 10, Brown wrote a letter to NYC DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez, calling for a meeting to find a resolution to traffic and safety issues experienced by his constituents. Brown has been particularly adamant about construction taking place only overnight to not congest this main artery that carries tens of thousands from Long Island to New York City. In some instances, residents are reporting a two-block drive taking upward of an hour during the day.

Brown will be meeting Monday morning with the NYC DOT and Department of Environmental Protection for additional updates on Rockaway Turnpike’s construction.

Brown has continually pressed the NYC DOT for answers and a copy of his correspondence with Jason Banrey, NYC DOT Deputy Borough Commissioner, is below:

Q: What exactly is being done/ replaced?

A: Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) determined there was a sewer break at 249-23 Rockaway Blvd. This is an emergency sewer repair job being managed by DEP who believes the contractor that installed the private sewer at this location caused a sewer break. The agency has now brought in their Emergency Contractor. Tuesday’s temporary lane closures were for saw cutting in preparation for concrete restoration.

Q: How long will it be before completion?

A: The emergency work is near completion. DEP states they anticipate the work to be done within a week (weather permitting).

Q: Why can’t this work be scheduled in the evening from 9p.m. -5a.m.?

A: The majority of the work entailed the pumping of water and installing the dry wells which couldn’t be done overnight.

Q: Why can’t they temporarily alter the most easterly sidewalk and create an additional lane for traffic …which can be restored after the conclusion of the project?

A: As this work progresses the aim is to restore one lane within the roadway at a time when they pour the concrete for the final restoration. (Awaiting updated info now).