Brown Urges Middlebury College Not to Screen Antisemitic Film ‘Israelism’

Assemblyman Ari Brown’s (R-Cedarhurst) letter to Middlebury President

“Tomorrow, Middlebury College is scheduled to showcase the film “Israelism,” a production deeply entrenched in an antisemitic narrative designed explicitly to advance an anti-Zionist agenda. This film propagates hate by portraying Israel as an apartheid state and seeks to position Palestinians as victims.

“Yesterday, Hunter College took a principled stand by refusing to screen this film on its premises. I strongly urge Middlebury College to follow suit and promptly cancel the scheduled showing. “Israelism” brazenly validates the voices advocating violence, perpetuating messages like “'Kill the Jews” and “Globalize the Intifada.” The repercussions of showcasing such content are dire, as it denies reality, inflames further terror and tragically opens doors to more bloodshed.

“I am deeply concerned about the potential ramifications of screening this film and hope Middlebury College will prioritize responsibility and sensitivity. I look forward to their prompt response on this urgent matter. Our students’ safety and well-being depend on it."

The Assemblyman’s letter to Middlebury may be seen here.