We Will Not Bear this Burden: Long Islanders Challenge $228 Million National Grid Proposal

Editor’s note: Assemblyman Ari Brown’s (R-Cedarhurst) letter to the Public Service Commissioner

“We stand here today united with our fellow Long Islanders, concerned over the proposed National Grid rate increase. As residents of Long Island, we are already burdened with an excessive tax load, and this further escalation will only deepen the financial strain on hardworking families and individuals.

“National Grid's proposal for a 24 percent increase in base delivery revenues, translating to a staggering $228 million rise in revenue, is an unjustifiable imposition on our community. For the average residential customer, this would mean an additional $28.52 on their monthly bills. In a time of economic uncertainty and financial struggles, such an increase is simply untenable.

“While National Grid argues this increase is necessary to fund vital programs such as main replacement, leak repair initiatives and energy efficiency programs, it cannot be denied that burdening Long Islanders with these costs is unfair. It's essential to recognize these initiatives are the responsibility of the utility company and should not be shouldered solely by residents.

“We urge the Public Service Commission to consider the disproportionate impact this increase will have on the livelihoods of all Long Islanders, especially our seniors. The well-being of our community should not be compromised for the sake of corporate revenue increases and past ill planning.

“We implore the Public Service Commission to hear our voices and stand with us against this exorbitant rate hike. Let us work together toward a solution that is fair, just and considers the best interests of the people of Long Island.”