More Waste of Taxpayer Dollars

A Statement from Assemblyman Ari Brown (R-Cedarhurst) on 70,000 wasted meals

“Having just donated a kidney to a Vietnam veteran this past week, I am appalled at this egregious misuse of funds that should be going to help our own citizens and veterans in need. Over 70,000 meals were wasted on unappreciative migrants in just 20 days, costing nearly $800,000 of hard-working Americans’ money. At this rate, over $1 million a month in food is being thrown in the trash instead of feeding our growing homeless population, many of whom are veterans who fought for this country.

“We have failing infrastructure, underfunded schools and citizens who can't afford basic necessities, yet we are spending tens of millions a month on migrants who have no allegiance to this nation. If we secured our borders and took care of our own citizens first, we wouldn't be in this mess.

“The liberal DSA policies of open borders and putting non-citizens before Americans are destroying this once great city, state and country. No wonder native New Yorkers are fleeing for greener pastures in record numbers.

“We need to put America first again, close the border, stop incentivizing illegal immigration and take care of our own citizens and veterans in need before we even think about those who have no legal right to be here.