Brown Donates Kidney to Purple Heart Recipient: ‘The Least I Could Do for The True Heroes, Our Veterans’

Assemblyman Ari Brown (R-Cedarhurst) takes opportunity to serve in a different way.

Assemblyman Ari Brown (R-Cedarhurst) is making headlines for going above and beyond his political duties. Inspired by the selflessness of our veterans, Brown decided to donate one of his kidneys to a Purple Heart recipient veteran in need.

Brown saw this as an opportunity to make a meaningful impact and extend his commitment to serving others. A long-time blood donor, he recognized the chance to go further by becoming a living kidney donor. After first testing and a match found, Brown underwent a battery of medical tests required by the National Kidney Foundation, receiving approval to move forward with the transplant donation.

“When I was told of the approval, my immediate response was, ‘Of course, how soon can we do it?’ I didn't ask who the recipient was; my first thought was someone was suffering and needed my help,” said Brown.

In a twist of fate, Brown was informed that he would be donating his kidney to a Purple Heart recipient. Brown acknowledges the unparalleled sacrifice made by military veterans and sees this as an opportunity to give back to someone who fought for the freedom of others.

Cedarhurst Mayor Benjamin Weinstock praised Brown’s act of kindness, stating, “It's courageous and very important. It is the kind of person he is, but it goes even above and beyond the kind of person I know him to be.”

Brown's decision reflects his deep-rooted values, guided by the principles of the Torah, which commands individuals to save those in danger. Regardless of the recipient's background, Brown sees this act as the embodiment of being a good Jew and a good Republican, a commitment to selfless giving.

The transplant was successful, and Brown remains resolute in his belief this act of kindness is the least he can do for someone in need. “Personally, to save someone's life is my humbling honor; I’m certain it’s what most people of faith would do under the same circumstances,” affirmed Brown.