NYS Assemblyman Ari Brown, Mayor Ben Weinstock, Trustee Dan Plaut and Trustee Myrna Zisman Unveil ‘Kidnapped from Israel: Milk Carton Project’ in Andrew J. Parise Park

Cedarhurst, December 22, 2023— New York State Assemblyman Ari Brown (R-Cedarhurst), Mayor Ben Weinstock, Trustee Dan Plaut and Trustee Myrna Zisman are proud to announce the unveiling of the thought-provoking and poignant “Kidnapped From Israel: Milk Carton Project” in the heart of Cedarhurst at Andrew J. Parise Park.

This collaborative project, a towering 10-foot milk carton adorned with photographs of kidnapped victims from Israel, is the brainchild of esteemed artists Dede Bandaid, Nitzan Mintz, and Ayal Huber. As a tribute to those affected by the tragic events of Saturday, Oct. 7, this powerful installation serves as a reminder of the enduring impact of terrorism and the unwavering commitment to ensure the victims and hostages are never forgotten.

This profound initiative was made possible through the dedication of #LovingMomsUnited volunteers and the invaluable support of generous sponsors. Their collective efforts underscore a deep-rooted commitment to raising awareness and commemorating those whose lives were forever altered by these acts of violence.

Assemblyman Brown, Mayor Weinstock, Trustee Plaut and Trustee Zisman extend their heartfelt gratitude to all involved in bringing this project to fruition. Their shared vision and dedication have transformed this park into a symbol of remembrance, honoring the resilience and strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

“We stand together in solidarity with the victims, their families and the community affected by these senseless acts,” stated Brown. “This project stands as a testament to our collective determination to honor their memory and ensure that their stories endure.”

Mayor Ben Weinstock said, “The ‘Kidnapped From Israel: Milk Carton Project’ is a powerful expression of unity and remembrance. It serves as a reminder of our shared humanity and our unwavering commitment to stand against acts of terror.”

Trustee Plaut and Trustee Zisman added, “We are grateful for the collaboration of talented artists, dedicated volunteers and generous sponsors who made this project possible. Together, we are sending a message that these individuals will never be forgotten.”

The “Kidnapped From Israel: Milk Carton Project” stands as a testament to resilience, unity and remembrance—a symbol within Andrew J. Parise Park that echoes the collective commitment to ensure that the victims of Saturday, Oct. 7 will always be remembered.