NYS Assemblyman Ari Brown and Atlantic Beach Mayor George Pappas Unite to Condemn Antisemitic Incident

Atlantic Beach, NY - In response to a disturbing incident of antisemitism, NYS Assemblyman Ari Brown (R-Cedarhurst) and Atlantic Beach Mayor George Pappas jointly denounce the reprehensible actions of Michael Decandia of Atlantic Beach. 

The incident involved Mr. Decandia aggressively confronting two Jewish women who were engaged in putting up posters advocating for kidnapped Israelis of the Saturday, Oct. 7 massacre. His derogatory remarks, labeling the women as “idiots” and implying an unwelcome disposition toward their opinions, clearly exhibited intolerable antisemitic behavior.

Assemblyman Brown expressed his deep concern, stating, “Such displays of bigotry have no place in our society, certainly not here on Long Island. We stand united against antisemitism in all its forms and support the right of all individuals to peacefully advocate for causes important to them.”

Mayor Pappas echoed these sentiments, emphasizing, “The diversity of Atlantic Beach is one of our greatest strengths. We condemn any acts of hate or discrimination and remain committed to fostering a community where everyone feels safe and respected.”

Both leaders urge unity and solidarity within the community to reject hatred and discrimination in all its forms. They call upon residents to stand together in support of mutual respect and understanding.

Assemblyman Brown and Mayor Pappas affirm their dedication to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for all residents, irrespective of race, religion, or background.