Governor’s Dilemma: Soft on Crime Versus Curtailing the Opioid Epidemic

Assemblyman Ari Brown (R-Cedarhurst) stood with Assemblyman Steve Stern who introduced a series of hard hitting bills (A.8383, A.8384, A.8395 and A.8397) targeting the insidious spread of fentanyl and the repeated release of criminal drug dealers endangering communities by lacing drugs and items with this lethal substance.

Fentanyl, a highly potent and often fatal opioid, has wreaked havoc, claiming countless lives across our state. Brown, alongside his colleagues, aims to confront this crisis head-on by pushing for tougher measures and legislation to hold drug dealers accountable and stem the flow of this deadly substance into our neighborhoods.

Brown said, “We cannot allow criminal drug dealers to continue poisoning our communities with fentanyl. It's imperative our laws reflect the seriousness of this issue and ensure those responsible face the full force of justice, and not simply be released repeatedly onto our streets.”

In a related context, Gov. Hochul is scheduled to address the state of the state tomorrow, where she is expected to highlight the rampant shoplifting plaguing businesses statewide. Brown stresses the need for the governor to confront this issue decisively, citing the adverse impact it has on businesses and the economy. He urges Gov. Hochul to reconsider the existing cashless bail laws, which have been criticized for contributing to an environment where shoplifting and other crimes persist unchecked.

“Gov. Hochul has the opportunity to demonstrate real leadership by addressing the root causes of these problems," Brown remarked. "Repealing the flawed cashless bail laws is a crucial step toward curbing shoplifting and, in turn, reducing the more dangerous drug dealings. It's time to prioritize the safety and well-being of our constituents across the state over political pressures.”