Brown Honors Tova Plaut for Exemplary Advocacy

In a ceremony held today at the Cedarhurst Village Hall, Assemblyman Ari Brown (R-Cedarhurst) presented a citation to Tova Plaut, founder of the New York City Public School Alliance, in recognition of her exceptional contributions to championing the rights and well-being of individuals within the educational system.

“As the driving force behind the New York City Public School Alliance, Tova Plaut has showcased unwavering dedication to advocating for inclusivity and combating discrimination and, most recently, the extreme increase in antisemitism. Brown commended Tova's outstanding commitment to fostering a more equitable and harmonious educational environment for all.

“Tova Plaut's notable leadership, particularly in the aftermath of the events of the Oct. 7 massacre and terrorist attack in Israel, exemplifies her resolute stance against all forms of hate. In defending the rights and dignity of the Jewish people, both within the New York City public school system and beyond, Tova exhibited extraordinary courage and leadership,” Brown said

The citation presented by Brown and his staff serves as a testament to Tova Plaut's tireless efforts to create a more just and inclusive educational landscape. He expressed sincere appreciation for her invaluable contributions to the betterment of our community.