Brown Writes Letter to FEMA: Calls for Transparency

Brown’s letter asks FEMA to build greater community conservation, provide analysis of proposal to construct seawall at Lawrence High School.

Assemblyman Ari Brown (R-Cedarhurst) addressed FEMA, emphasizing the grave apprehensions voiced by local homeowners in the Village of Cedarhurst and the residents of the Town of Hempstead regarding the hasty progression of a proposed seawall near Lawrence High School. The negligent manner in which residents were informed about this project coupled with its potential to wreak havoc on nearby homes has left the community offended. Brown adamantly highlighted the glaring absence of comprehensive information and the imperative for extensive dialogue as paramount issues.

“While we appreciate the efforts to mitigate future tidal surges and flooding, there are concerns within the community, especially among the residents of the Village of Cedarhurst. Lawrence High School sits within a residential zone, and the construction of the seawall raises apprehensions about potential adverse effects on the neighboring homes. It is crucial to ensure the measures taken to protect the school do not inadvertently redirect seawater and create new challenges for the residents,” said Brown.

Editor’s Note: Attached is Assemblyman Brown’s letter to FEMA