Brown Addresses Squatter Issue: Advocates for Owner and Landlord Rights:

Assemblyman Ari Brown (R-Cedarhurst) today issued a statement addressing the alarming issue of squatters in New York and the dire need for legislative action to protect property owners’ rights.

Recent incidents have highlighted a concerning trend where squatters seemingly enjoy more rights than rightful property owners. In one egregious case, a homeowner was unjustly arrested merely for attempting to defend their own property by locking out illegal occupants. This is an unacceptable miscarriage of justice.

Adding to the frustration is New York state law RPAPL § 511, which grants squatters legal ownership of a property if they occupy it continuously and undisturbed for 10 years. This law effectively rewards unlawful occupation and undermines the fundamental rights of property owners.

"It is essential we draw a clear distinction between lawful tenants and squatters," said Brown. "While tenants have legitimate rights and concerns that must be respected, squatters have no rightful claim to the properties they unlawfully occupy. We cannot allow individuals to exploit legal loopholes at the expense of property owners."

One disturbing case is that of Adele Andaloro, who was arrested after taking action to secure the home rightfully owned by her parents. This incident underscores the urgent need for reform to protect property rights and prevent further injustices.

"It is time to restore fairness and justice to our legal system," added Brown. "Property owners should not live in fear of losing their homes to squatters, and we must take decisive action to uphold their rights."

 Brown encourages constituents and concerned citizens to reach out to his office to share their experiences and insights regarding the squatter issue and to stay informed about upcoming legislative initiatives aimed at addressing this critical matter.