Brown Calls for Immediate Release of Jewish Hostages

Today, Assemblyman Ari Brown (R-Cedarhurst) spoke passionately on the Million Dollar Staircase at the Capitol, addressing the urgent need for the release of Jewish hostages. Brown’s powerful remarks underscored the importance of standing together in solidarity and boldly fighting for the safe return of those barbarically and unlawfully detained by Hamas.

“How appropriate we stand here today, just two days after Easter, remembering that Jesus was himself Jewish, born in Bethlehem, Israel,” Brown stated. “We, the Jewish people, are the indigenous inhabitants of our land, and these hostages are our children being held captive.”

Brown emphasized the unique freedoms and equal rights enjoyed by all citizens in Israel, regardless of their background, stating, “In no other Middle East country can an Arab or member of the LGBTQ community enjoy citizenship and freedom as an equal citizen, only in Israel.”

Reflecting on recent events, Brown highlighted Israel’s defense after Hamas broke a ceasefire on October 7, 2023, contrasting it with the actions of others. “Israel defended herself in a proper and humane way, unlike the actions of Hamas,” he asserted.

Brown concluded with a heartfelt plea, “Bring our children home! Their families await their safe return, and it is our duty to ensure their swift release.”

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