Statement on Dobbs v. Jackson

"I am totally committed to working with each and every person in our district to create a new majority to protect a person’s rights to reproductive choice, familyprivacy, and safe healthcare. As a NY State Assemblywoman since 1985, I am proud that I fought to codify access to safe and legal abortion into law. I am old enough to remember what happens to women and their families without access to abortion service - women dead from desperate, unsafe procedures. We have had victories in protecting reproductive health and rights throughout my career, but I have always been aware that although 80% of our fellow Americans support a person's right to an abortion, women's rights are continually under attack. Today, we marshal our resources, and fight back.

I will never stop fighting for a person's right to be in charge of their own reproductive health. Abortion is legal in New York and it is clear that we stand as an example for all Americans on how to fight for and codify abortion rights. Please contact me to see how we can work together.

This is a devastating court decision directed at hurting women and their families. My hand is outstretched to offer support, strength and comfort to all women and communities at this time."