Assemblyman Charles D. Fall Comments on the Stance of the Supreme Court Memo on Roe V. Wade

The opinion leaked yesterday on overturning Roe v. Wade speaks to the change needed in our judicial system. We need to restore democracy in our country by expanding the US Supreme Court.

Why? The Court is actively dismantling our democracy – they allowed dark money in politics through the Citizens United decision; the JANUS decision was an attack on our unions; they removed protections from the Voting Rights Act which disenfranchises several of our communities across the country. 

Now, the decision to overturn a landmark ruling giving women across the country the right to make a choice for her body and life is being dismantled. Congress needs to act on not only codifying Roe v. Wade to make it the law of the land, but also expand the US Supreme Court to make it more democratic and allow for more opinions to be included in the process when making decisions that affect millions of people.