Assemblyman Charles D. Fall Debates and Passes Vital Paid Excused Leave Extension Legislation for Public and Private New York State Workforce

This week, Assemblyman Charles D. Fall (D-Richmond) debated and passed his legislation (A.9513). The bill passed by a mostly bipartisan majority vote of 101-43. The legislation extends provisions of chapter 77 of the laws of 2021. The New York State Senate is also expected to take up the companion bill soon (S.8529/Gournardes).

  • This legislation will extend current provisions of law granting public and private employees time off to receive the vaccine and booster without having to exhaust their other piles of leave.
  • Ensuring current and future public and private employees will not hesitate to receive the COVID-19 vaccination is necessary to take the state of New York one step closer to overcoming the pandemic.

“As we move closer to the 1 million COVID-19 death benchmark, and with approximately 20% of New York’s population not fully vaccinated, I decided to extend a law that I passed last session that allows, both public and private employees the opportunity to get fully vaccinated and boosted. 

It is vital that essential civil servants, which include healthcare workers, emergency medical service personnel, staff in congregate care facilities, police officers, firefighters, corrections officers, teachers, and private sector employees, receive the vaccine in as expeditious a manner as possible in order to continue serving on the frontlines of this pandemic at decreased risk to themselves and their families.

It is likewise vital that the public and private workforce working at all levels and positions receive the vaccine in order to keep our small businesses, healthcare and nursing home facilities, entertainment venues and our state open and running as effectively as possible as the pandemic continues.” said Assemblyman Charles D. Fall