In Pursuit of Peace: Steps Forward in the Israel-Palestine Conflict

"The recent events in Israel have deeply shaken us all. The innocent lives lost is a heartbreaking reminder of the toll that hatred and violence take on our communities and the world at large. No cause justifies targeting innocent civilians; it only exacerbates pain and division. We must come together, condemn all forms of hatred and violence, and work towards a future where peace and understanding prevail. My thoughts are with all the affected families in my district and across the world as we hope for a swift resolution to this crisis.

As the first Muslim elected to the New York State Assembly, I've carried with me the weight of representation, but more importantly, the duty to serve as a bridge-builder and unifier. Since the day I assumed office, my unwavering mission has been to bring people together, especially in moments of sorrow and in the face of divisive, harmful discourse. As a father of two precious daughters, I have an even more profound duty – to ensure that they grow up in a world where humanity isn't overshadowed by prejudice, where compassion isn't conditional, and where love isn't limited by borders.

My words, no matter how heartfelt, can't stop the recurring cycles of violence that have left countless innocent lives shattered. The brutal attacks on innocent civilians are a heartbreaking tragedy that I deeply condemn, and like many New Yorkers and individuals across the globe, I share in the sorrow of the monumental loss of life.

In the face of such overwhelming pain, I am reminded of a simple yet profound truth: our shared humanity transcends borders, religions, and political allegiances. Grief, pain, and loss know no nationality; they are universal feelings that bind us in our shared human experience. While many may empathize with the heightened emotions that birth such reactions, we must always prioritize peace and unity over retaliation and division."