Statement From Assemblyman Charles D. Fall on Governor Kathy Hochul’s State of the State Address

"I am profoundly encouraged by Governor Hochul's proposals presented in her State of the State Address. The Governor's focus on making New York safer through initiatives like cracking down on retail theft, aggressively combating hate crimes, empowering prosecutors with new tools to tackle domestic abuse, and enhancing enforcement of our cannabis laws, directly addresses the safety concerns of my constituents.

Furthermore, Governor Hochul's attention to the mental health crisis, particularly her commitment to youth mental health and serious mental illness, is commendable. The establishment of school-based mental health clinics and the reform of our behavioral health care system are much-needed steps that will have a lasting positive impact on our communities.

Equally important are the Governor's efforts to increase affordability across New York City. The plan to construct thousands of new housing units addresses a critical need in our rapidly growing communities.

As the Chair of the Subcommittee on Consumer Fraud & Protection, I am happy to see the Governor’s commitment to expanding consumer protections, particularly through the proposed expansion of New York's consumer protection law, marking a significant advancement in safeguarding New Yorkers against unfair business practices. Additionally, her efforts to address medical debt, eliminate co-pays for insulin, and ensuring fairness in the 'Buy Now Pay Later' loan industry demonstrate a deep understanding of the challenges facing our consumers.”