Statement from Assemblyman Charles D. Fall on the Commencement of the Holy Month of Ramadan

“As the holy month of Ramadan commences, I extend my warmest greetings to the entire Muslim community within New York. This period offers us all a unique moment for introspection, to cultivate patience, extend forgiveness, manifest compassion towards the less privileged, and create unity within our community.

Guided by the luminous path of our faith, we are reminded of the solemn responsibilities we bear towards each other and the Almighty. This time reiterates the enduring principles of selflessness and compassion, urging us to prioritize the welfare of others, not just during this holy period but as a constant life practice.

The ritual of Iftar, where we come together to break our fast, serves not only as a physical nourishment but as a moment to renew our social commitments and emphasize acts of kindness. It is a time for reflection on our collective responsibilities, transcending religious affiliations, encouraging us all to pursue the noblest versions of ourselves.

In this reflective season, I pray for peace to surround our hearts and communities, healing divisions and nurturing a collective well-being. With profound respect and appreciation, I wish you and your cherished ones a Ramadan filled with serenity, spiritual growth, and boundless blessings.”