Statement from Assemblyman Charles Fall on Governor Hochul’s Decision to Pause Congestion Pricing Implementation

“I have had concerns about the rollout of the MTA’s congestion pricing plan, as it clearly imposed an additional financial burden on our residents. Many in the community felt their voices were not adequately heard, and the economic impact on everyday New Yorkers and small businesses was not fully considered. Governor Hochul’s decision to pause this plan is a positive step.

This pause provides an essential opportunity to create a fair and inclusive solution. It is important to address the concerns of all stakeholders and ensure that any future plans are balanced and considerate of our communities' needs. We must find an approach that addresses the needs of our transit system without placing undue financial strain on our citizens.

Additionally, the MTA needs to be clear about how the revenue from congestion pricing will be used. Transparency on this front is crucial to gaining public trust and ensuring that the funds are directed towards necessary improvements in our transit infrastructure.