Assemblymember Lavine: $3 Million State Grant to Address Glen Cove Water Issues

GLEN COVE, NY – Assemblymember Charles Lavine is very pleased to announce that New York State is providing $36.1 million in state grants for 13 projects across Long Island dedicated to improving the quality of drinking water. $3 million of those funds will be allocated to the city of Glen Cove. Presently, two of Glen Cove’s six water wells are closed because of Freon 22 contamination. Exposure to high levels of airborne Freon 22 has been linked in studies of laboratory animals to nervous system and heart problems.

According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, “The $3 million will help fund a $5.15 million project to install a Freon-removing air stripper at a well on Seaman Road as well as other improvements.” The city closed the well in 2011 because of elevated levels of Freon 22 and structural problems but plans to reopen are scheduled for late 2019 or early 2020.

“I appreciate the Governor’s support in addressing this pressing issue in Glen Cove and on Long Island,” said Assemblyman Lavine. “We must be able to ensure safe drinking water for our present and future residents.” 

Assemblymember Lavine is Chair of the New York State Elections Law Committee and serves on the Committees on Codes, Ethics, Health, Insurance and Judiciary.  He previously served as Chair of the bipartisan Ethics Committee and was Chair of the bipartisan Taskforce that drafted the Speaker’s Policy on Sexual Harassment, Retaliation and Discrimination, a national model and was a founding member of the Bipartisan Pro-Choice Conference.