Assemblyman Charles Lavine Calls on President Trump to Create a National Commission on Violence in Response to Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

GLEN COVE, NEW YORK – New York State Assemblymember Charles Lavine has sent a letter to President Trump, members of the United States Senate, and members of the United States House of Representatives requesting the creation of a Commission on Violence, in response to the cold-blooded murder of 11 individuals at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“Our response must be more assertive than the simple acknowledgement that there is evil in this world,” said Assemblyman Lavine. "In the past, America’s leaders have ordered the creation of commissions of experts to study and report on impending crises,” he added. “I respectfully urge that you order the empanelling of a commission at your very earliest opportunity.”

In his letter, Assemblymember Lavine noted examples of previous commissions, such as the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, the National Commission on the Causes and Preventions of Violence, and the National Commission on Terrorist Acts upon the United States, and suggested the life of our nation depends on a powerful response from our leaders to this all too clear and present danger.