Renovations at Historic Sea Cliff Firehouse Complete, Lavine Grant Used For Much-Needed Restoration

Sea Cliff, NY – Assemblymember Charles D. Lavine (D-Glen Cove) is pleased to announce that with the help of $125,000 of state funds, the Sea Cliff Firehouse has completed its renovations. Work completed included window repairs, heating service, electrical updates and HVAC improvements.

“Built in 1931, historic landmarks such as the Sea Cliff Firehouse play an important role in the preservation of our communities,” said Lavine. “I am very pleased that my office was able to secure state funding to assist with this renovation project. The many firefighters who donate their time to the community deserve to have a firehouse that is both structurally stable and secure.”

The lead contractor for the project was Lahkvinder “Lucky” Singh of Fidelis Contracting. The windows because of their historic landmark nature needed to be restored by an off-site specialist. Seekircher Steel Windows in Peekskill, New York and Architectural Preservation Studios in Manhattan handled the repairs and restoration of all of the windows.

Sea Cliff Mayor Edward L. Lieberman: “The Village of Sea Cliff is grateful to Assemblyman Lavine for his valued service to our community through this funding which permits our historic Firehouse to remain a vibrant part of our Village.”

Sea Cliff Fire Chief Mark Vitale: “The Sea Cliff community depends on the Sea Cliff Fire Department for emergency services. It's great that the Sea Cliff Fire Department can depend on its elected officials and Assemblyman Lavine to help secure the financial backing that is needed to help preserve our Firehouse.”

Preservation Long Island Preservation Director Sarah Kautz: “Preservation Long Island applauds the Village of Sea Cliff for its stewardship of the Sea Cliff Firehouse. The decision to repair rather than to replace the distinctive windows has preserved the historical character of the Firehouse while increasing its energy efficiency. Congratulations on this great project!”