Tague Announces the Signing of a Bill Creating the Durham Valley Scenic Byway

Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C,I-Schoharie) is announcing Gov. Hochul has signed a bill (A.3848) he introduced officially recognizing a series of roads passing through the towns of Durham and Windham as the “Durham Valley Scenic Byway” within the New York state scenic byways system. Tague is hailing this bill’s passage as a win for the local community and Greene County, as the scenic byway designation will aid in attracting tourists to the area and help introduce them to the natural wonders and charming communities of the area.

“The Durham Valley and Greene County as a whole are incredibly beautiful places, where small towns surrounded by big mountains are filled with some of the most kind and down-to-earth people you’ll ever meet, who are eager to show New Yorkers everything their farmers, craftsmen, and small business owners have to offer,” said Tague. “This announcement is one that has been years in the making, so I’d like to thank Sen. Hinchey, the members of the local Durham Valley Scenic Byway Coordinating Committee, our local town and county officials, and the Department of Transportation for all you’ve done to help make this bill a reality and to put Greene County on the map as a must-see destination within New York state.”

“Our bill granting this Scenic Byway designation to the Durham Valley is a victory for Greene County,” said Sen. Michelle Hinchey (SD-46). “We have elevated twenty-one miles of picturesque viewshed across Durham and Windham as a local landmark, which will provide an economic boost to Greene County businesses, enhance preservation efforts, and help promote our rural communities as can’t-miss destinations for tourism, culture, and commerce. I am very happy to see this bill signed into law and was proud to work with Assemblyman Chris Tague and the Durham Valley Scenic Byway Committee to secure this designation that will help protect our scenic resources and grow Greene County’s rural economy.”

"On behalf of the Durham Valley Scenic Byway Coordinating Committee, I would like to thank Senator Hinchey and Assemblyman Tague for sponsoring this legislation,” said Richard H. Goldstein. “This legislation caps a grass-roots collaborative effort to recognize, preserve and enhance twenty-one miles of road of extraordinary scenic quality, in the Town of Durham. By fully designating the Durham Valley Scenic Byway as a New York State Scenic Byway, this legislation will provide important benefits to the roads’ travelers, and the Durham community including economic benefits from tourism, potential access to federal grants to improve the byway, and qualification to apply for National Scenic Byway designation. We also thank the staff of the New York State Department of Transportation Scenic Byway program and the New York State Scenic Byway Advisory Board for their guidance and support. Finally, we want to recognize Barry H. Garfinkel, a member of the Scenic Byway Coordinating Committee until his death last August, for his devotion and long-standing commitment to preserving the essential qualities of the Byway and the Durham Valley."