Help Assemblyman Tague Bring Whole Milk Back to Schools

Assemblyman Chris Tague has introduced a bill that would allow schools to purchase whole and 2% milk that’s produced within the state, following the passage of a similar measure in Pennsylvania. Currently, whole and 2% milk is prohibited from being served in schools due to a federal restriction put in place 10 years ago that was intended to lower childhood obesity and diabetes rates.

However, contrary to expectations of this restriction rates of childhood obesity and diabetes have continued to rise, and many have become concerned that the restriction could even be exacerbating the problem. At the same time, children are consuming less milk in schools because of the restriction and the loss of business is further hurting our dairy industry.

Assemblyman Tague’s bill would solve these problems by giving schoolchildren back the choice of which milk they prefer, and families the comfort of knowing their kids have the same healthy, nutritious, and safe dairy options at school as they do at home.

Please join Assemblyman Tague, families, educators, nutritionists, and so many others who have already united in support of this bill by signing your name to tell Albany to pass A.2321 now!