Tague: Goodbye Affirmative Action, Hello Equality

A statement from Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C-Schoharie) on the recent Supreme Court ruling

“The ruling made by the Supreme Court was a monumental shove towards returning equality to America. Getting into school should not be based on where the student comes from, their religion or the color of their skin; it should be based on merit and what they have accomplished to get to this point. The SAT and ACT were not created for fun, they were created to provide a measurement for the admissions process. We need to return to a system that looks at these scores, grades and achievements rather than looking at whether or not an applicant is a minority. Giving someone a spot in the classroom just because of the color of their skin should be considered racism in and of itself. The Supreme Court made the right decision, and I can only hope the United States continues on the right track.”