Tague: Governor Finally Focusing on Local Farmers and Families

Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C-Schoharie) is excited about the launch of the new digital FreshConnect initiative, a program designed to increase the purchasing power of SNAP coupons. As the ranking member of the Assembly Agriculture Committee and a former dairy farmer, Tague has long advocated for programs and policies to help New York farmers be as successful as possible.

Through this program, items purchased using SNAP coupons will receive a dollar-to-dollar matched check that can be used at participating vendors or markets. The FreshConnect initiative will not only encourage SNAP recipients to buy fresh, local ingredients but it will also help local farmers receive their scheduled payments faster and make the process of participating in the program easier.

“The modernization of this program provides local farmers the opportunity to sell more products while helping struggling families afford and access fresh, healthy food,” said Tague. “The FreshConnect Fresh2You pilot program is a monumental step toward helping our local farmers and families get back on the right track. Thank you to Gov. Hochul for finally focusing on New York farmers and struggling families.”

Currently, the pilot program is only being used in Broome County at its regional farmer’s market; however, Tague hopes to see the initiative expand all over the state.