Tague Hits Ground Running With Anti-Corruption Bills

Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C,I,Ref-Schoharie) has signed on to one of the most comprehensive anti-corruption bills in the country within his first few weeks in the Assembly, the Public Officers Accountability Act (A5864).

Protecting taxpayers and ensuring your hard-earned money is spent correctly and on legal projects is central to this bill’s goals. Limiting committee chair term limits would stop an ‘old boys club’ from funneling money toward lobbyists and friends, giving the opportunity for local needs to come to the foreground yet again.

This along with changes to the state’s election law would help bring clarity to the campaign donor system, which in turn would prevent ludicrous state grants from being given to suspiciously-friendly campaign donors like in the governor’s Crystal Run debacle.

“You deserve a state government you can trust and I am dedicated to standing up for what is right,” Tague said. “For too long, Albany’s insider deals like the Crystal Run grants and outright corruption showcased recently in the felony Percoco trial have dominated the airwaves.

“To bring us back to reality, I am sponsoring legislation that will help protect your tax dollars from being used for corrupt purposes and limit the influence of special interest groups over our elections.

“It’s time our values got a chance to breathe in Albany’s corrupt atmosphere, and bringing that fresh air is exactly what bills like the Public Officers Accountability Act will accomplish.”