Tague: Ethics Reform Tellingly Missing from Session’s End

A statement on the end of session by Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C,I,Ref-Schoharie).

“With the close of session this year, I am deeply concerned with the lack of bipartisan attention to ethics reform. I was sent to Albany to focus on cleaning up corruption and there were great opportunities to increase transparency, openness and accountability, particularly Gov. Cuomo’s scandal ridden economic development projects. But instead of tackling this important issue that plagues our state government, we legalized alcohol-infused ice cream and created a Jamaican bobsled team license plate. Not to mention the lack of any substantial relief to our farmers or small businesses who are being legislated out of the state. This showcases just where the Assembly Majority’ attention is and it’s not on real ethics reform. You sent me to Albany as one of you and I will always make sure our values are represented. I look forward to coming back in January to keep on doing that good work.”