Tague Announces Committee Assignments

Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C,I,Ref-Schoharie) is pleased to announce his committee assignments for the 2019 Legislative Session, including a seat as the ranking Minority member of the Tourism Committee. Using this position, Tague will highlight the unique quality of the 102nd District and all it has to offer to improve the lives of his friends and neighbors. 

“New York is such a beautiful place to live and upstate has so much to offer,” Tague said. “Promoting local attractions to stimulate tourism will encourage people to expand their businesses in our area. We need to use our natural beauty from the ski resorts on the mountaintops to the vast expanses of Catskill Park to promote economic development and continue our efforts to revitalize the region. As the ranking member on the Tourism Committee, I plan on doing just that to create new opportunities for both tourists and residents alike.”

Tague is also on the Election Law, Environmental Conservation, and Real Property Committees. His goals are centered on real ethics reform by bringing term limits to the legislative and executive branches, establishing campaign finance reform and cutting red tape to get Albany out of people’s way.

“It is upsetting to see the corrupt culture fostered in Albany. Taxpayer dollars should not be spent on campaigns and retirement packages for felons. That’s why I will fight to make sure that all public officials who are convicted of a felony do not receive a pension and retirement benefits from the state. I am also resolved to continue fighting for term limits to end the cycle of crony career politicians in Albany, closing the LLC loophole to end double dipping and creating greater oversight on campaign finance. Enough is enough. We need to bring a sense of morality back to state government.”