Statement from Assemblyman Clyde Vanel on President Trump’s Immigration and Border Control Plan

This weekend we witnessed the power of American patriotism as thousands of fellow New Yorkers flooded every terminal of JFK Airport to protest the deeply un-American motion made by President Trump to close our country’s borders. The ban violates our freedoms and exposes the ugly underbelly of distrust and marginalization. The executive order limits diversity and being a son of immigrants, I am personally empowered to not be silent in the fight for equality. I will do all I can to combat hatred and ensure our district and all of New York remains a beacon of hope for immigrants and refugees alike.

Late last evening, The New York State Assembly met for an emergency legislation meeting to promote fair treatment of immigrants, their access to vital services, and protection against any unlawful treatment. All persons are entitled to proper legal assistance and support regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or country of origin.

The Assembly is not in support of any policies that threaten the values of our community and exclude any persons from fair treatment. We stand firmly against any actions of exclusion and intend to preserve the legacy of New York State as a haven of opportunity and progression as it always has been. As President Trump casts shadows on the cultural advances and diversity that represents New York, we shine light on unity and peace. We will create our own wall against any unlawful prejudice and combat the hatred outlined in the border control plan. Together we are Americans and all refugees are welcome here.