O’Donnell Addresses AIDS Advocacy Day, Announces Strong Support for HIV Testing Reform

Today, Assembly Member Daniel O’Donnell addressed a statewide gathering of persons living with HIV/AIDS and HIV/AIDS service organizations.

During his remarks, O’Donnell stressed that HIV testing reform proposals must ultimately ensure that infected persons get the care that can improve their quality of life. Making HIV screening a more routine part of medical care, across all impacted communities, is one way to accomplish this goal. Individuals can only be connected to or seek appropriate care once they have been tested and made aware of their status.

Additionally, a significant number of HIV transmissions results from individuals who are unaware of their infection. Testing and subsequent treatment are the most effective tools we have to stem the spread of the virus that causes AIDS.

Albany AIDS Awareness Day, organized by New York AIDS Coalition, is an important opportunity for advocates as well as persons living with HIV/AIDS to network and lobby for legislative priorities.