O’Donnell Statement on His Bill Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence from Eviction Becoming Law

September 3, 2010 – Assembly Member O’Donnell is pleased to announce that Governor Paterson has signed Assembly Bill A2365-A into law.

In the past, landlords have successfully used the primary residence requirements under rent control and rent stabilization laws to evict domestic violence victims who have fled their homes to escape abuse.This law sponsored by Assembly Member O’Donnell prevents landlords from taking advantage of these circumstances and evicting these already victimized and vulnerable individuals.

Under the new law, when victims are forced to flee their homes, the apartment is still deemed their primary residence so long as they assert intent to return in the future.

Upon the bill’s signing, O’Donnell remarked, “Victims who flee their homes to escape abuse risk losing everything they have: their economic security, their children and even their lives.This law stops landlords from taking advantage of this horrible situation, and provides protection to tenants when they need it most.”

The bill passed the Assembly unanimously in May by a vote of 139-0, and subsequently passed the Senate by a vote of 59-2.