O’Donnell Unsatisfied with Drilling Industry Answers to Hydrofracking Questions

Believes drilling practice remains too unknown and risky to proceed

Today, Assembly Member O’Donnell attended a joint Assembly hearing on the drilling practice known as “hydrofracking.” The hearing was hosted by the Environmental Conservation Committee, the Health Committee, and the Administrative Regulations Review Commission.

Following the hearing, Assembly Member O’Donnell stated,

I was glad to have the opportunity today to question members of the drilling industry, and appreciated their coming to testify. However, I do not believe the answers provided sufficiently address the grave concerns about the safety of this untested and unproven drilling technique. There are still too many questions surrounding hydrofracking for this risky and potentially dangerous practice to proceed in New York State.

Assembly Member O’Donnell thanks the Chairs of the Committees and Commission for hosting this hearing, as well as Assembly Member Barbara Lifton for her continued advocacy and leadership on the issue.