O’Donnell Statement on His Probation Judicial Discretion Becoming Law

On Friday Governor Cuomo signed Assembly Member O’Donnell’s bill, A4582, into law, just days after he spoke of the importance of reducing mass incarceration during his State of the State speech. His bill, which will grant judicial discretion with regards to probation sentencing, is now Chapter 556 of the Laws of 2013. Said O’Donnell:

I want to thank Governor Cuomo for signing my bill, A4582, into law so soon after his State of the State speech. His signature reaffirms his strong commitment to reducing mass incarceration in this state, and this bill will help to do so immediately. By allowing judges some discretion in determining probation sentences, we will facilitate better supervision of those that need it during the most high-risk periods, and foster a system in which probationers are better able to rehabilitate and avoid reoffending and being sent to prison. This is exactly the kind of progressive legislation we need to tackle the problems in New York’s correctional system, and I look forward to working with Governor Cuomo to pass further legislation this year.

As Chair of the Correction Committee, reducing mass incarceration and preventing recidivism are among Assembly Member O’Donnell’s top priorities.